Picture the typical little western town on TV - you know, one main street through town with shops of all sorts - the hat maker, the ice cream shop, the hardware store , which incidentally has everything you can imagine, the little cafe. Then add to that picture children playing in the park, the old timers sitting on the bar stool under the sign that designates that special place for the "Liars Club", the passersby stopping to chat with friends. The final touch to this picture is the western Montana beauty of trees, mountains and streams. You're getting an idea of what Darby is. It really is picture perfect.

Darby is a laid back area where you are still likely to find a sign on the door of any office or store saying "Gone Fishing" or "Hunting - Be Back Friday". Those, incidentally are major priorities for many Darby residents! Darby is located along the Bitterroot Mountain Range and is surrounded by streams, lakes and rivers so a favorite pastime for many Darby residents is fly fishing. Darby is also near the Painted Rock Reservoir, the State Park, and Como Lake. You´ll find a wide range of fish fill our waters, primarily Brook, Westslope Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout, and Mountain Whitefish.

Community events are very important to most people in Darby - the Strawberry Festival is the volunteer fire department's one fund raiser every year. It brings people from far and wide. Not only is the strawberry shortcake simply delicious, it's fun and relaxing to listen to the Bluegrass or Country bands playing music while people visit friends and neighbors to get caught up on news and gossip. Darby was a logging town for years, home to five mills at one time, so Logger Days is another huge attraction every year. The Community clubhouse, rebuilt entirely by the local community when the original one burned down, is usually booked with everything from St Patty's Day dances to a local wedding.

It's definitely the quality of life that bring people to Darby.


A long time ago, the residents of the area voted to form a unified school district, connecting the elementary, middle and high school districts, now referred to as the Darby Public Schools District #9. Located in the same general area, football fields, tennis courts, playgrounds and other amenities can be shared by everyone. Just a note to let you know that if you are traveling through Darby on a Friday evening in the fall, it may look a little deserted. Why? Because everyone is at the football fields cheering on the Tigers. Community spirit is as high for educational activities as any other event.

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Finding the right home for sale in Darby may present a bit of a challenge. You have smaller modest homes in town. They're relatively inexpensive which makes them attractive to many. As you get into the outskirts of town, you start finding quite a variety of properties for sale. There are mountain cabins, vacation homes, estates and luxury homes for sale. . . Though you are talking about quite a large area, there is a great deal of National Forest Service and BLM land so the amount of property for sale at any one time is generally limited. We can help you find the right home or second home for you. Contact us so we can begin your property search today.

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