Corvallis is a city of less than 1000 people covering approximately 5 square miles. Located just north and east of Hamilton, it's easy to get to from Eastside Highway, the second major north-south route. There's one main  street through Corvallis with small shops, a few offices, a bar, gas station and convenience store. Most people skip over to nearby Hamilton for their major shopping.  For many, the draw to Corvallis is the schools. Corvallis schools are often cited as some of the best in Montana and the reason for living in the area. The primary school's motto is "Children First" and they take it seriously. Overall teachers in the Corvallis Schools are considered some of the best. Athletically, when the Blue Devils are on the field or in the court, there's plenty of enthusiasm and support. New baseball and soccer fields provide a great place for the youth to play and everything is easy to get to.

The Bitterroot Valley is known for killer views but Corvallis still stands out even in this area. As you travel east there is a slight rise in elevation providing sweeping panoramic views with the Bitterroots rising out of the Valley floor to the west. There are still a lot of farms in the area and there's nothing more refreshing than the aroma of fresh cut hay on a dewy morning.

Corvallis Homes for Sale & Real Estate

As the once-strong agricultural industry in Corvallis has been shrinking, it has provided more area for homes. People like a little space around them in Corvallis and, though there is quite a variety, people seem to prefer lot sizes ranging anywhere from 1-20 acres - large enough for a few 4-h animals and a shop for tinkering and toys. Homes vary as much as lot sizes but it is a very popular area for the modest to nice newer homes - 1500-2500 square foot. But there's one thing you will not find. You won't find the subdivisions with hundreds of houses that all look alike where they just flip-flopped the kitchens from one side of the house to the other! Even in the small "subdivisions" of 6 or 8 homes, each one is unique inside and out.


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