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        Traveling through western Montana is an adventure in and of itself. Heading south on Highway 93 from Missoula, you come to the cities and towns of the Bitterroot Valley. With the jagged snow-capped peaks of the Bitterroot Mountain Range on the west and the older, rounded hills of the Sapphire Mountain Range on the east, there is plenty to see and do.

      First you come to Florence, an easy commute for those working in Missoula or attending the University of Montana. About 7 miles south there are a sprinkling of businesses and a turnoff to the main part of Stevensville, the oldest town in Montana.

      Another 7 miles south is Victor, a sleepy little town that is now really on the map as a result of the new highway.  Not much further and you start getting into a little busier area, Hamilton. Hamilton is the hub of the Bitterroot Valley and that is where you will find the major industry such as the Marcus Daly Hospital, the National Forest Service and the Glaxo-Smith Klein and Rocky Mountain Labs.

      Just parallel to Hamilton is Corvallis, known for its spectacular views even in an area where killer views are all around you. If you continue south from Hamilton you will find that the valley is getting a little more narrow. By the time you get to Darby, the valley floor is just five miles wide between the two mountain ranges. There are giant pines and winding rivers coming right up to the road. Getting off the main track you will find the small towns of of Sula, Conner, Pinesdale, and Grantsdale - just a handful of people but lots of character.

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